Blogmas Day Four | Christmas Playlist

Oh if there's one thing I absolutely love about Christmas, it's the music. Nothing cheers me up more on a dark dreary winters night, than sticking on a Christmas playlist and singing a long to the classics! So today I thought I would share my favourite Christmas tunes with you all! I could list so many songs here but I decided I wouldn't keep you here all day, so I'm going to keep it to my top 15.

Blogmas Day Two | My All-Time Favourite Christmas Films

For day two of Blogmas, I thought it would be fun to share my favourite Christmas films with you all. While I tend to start watching Christmas films the minute Halloween is over, I really get into watching them come December, and since I'm a big fan of the classics, I thought there might be some on this list that you haven't watched before! I really do love nothing more than cuddling up under a huge blanket, with a hot chocolate (perhaps spiked with some Bailey's), a cinnamon candle burning, and one of these films!